Dot free

The cosmetic which contains Live collagen called Dot free

The thought put in the brand logo.

“Skin problems = Dots” disappear with continuous use

Over the years of running a drugstore, we have consulted with a long list of customers about their skin conditions. Working with a variety of our customers’ distress to skin problems such as “dryness is serious,” “wrinkles are a concern” and “lacking firmness,” we have come to one conclusion: “Genuinely beautiful skin is smooth and plump” and these conditions for beautiful skin can be met through “high quality collagens.”

Based on this idea, we tested an array of collagens.  Our extensive testing led to our discovery of “live collagens” and we succeeded in combining it into a cosmetic product through our original technology. Our Dotfree skin care policy is to provide superb firmness and moisture to nurture “genuinely beautiful skin.”