Dot free

The cosmetic which contains Live collagen called Dot free

What are live collagens?

Have the angel-like skin you were born with! Live collagens are superb moisturizers

Why live collagens as a beauty ingredient?

Thoroughly moisturizes the stratum corneum! Live collagen powerâ—‹R provides superb moisture care like never before

With a triple helix structure identical to the collagens in our skin tissues, live collagens have exceptional moisturizing properties, thoroughly moisturizing the stratum corneum. For superb moisturizing like never before.

What are live collagens?

Our bodies are made up of over 30 different types of collagens. 70% of our dermis is made up of collagens.

Live collagens identical to collagens in human skin, with a triple helix structure

Live collagens retain a triple helix structure identical to that of collagens found in our skin tissues. This means excellent compatibility (affinity) with our skin cells, correcting skin problems like dry skin, wrinkles, blemishes and dullness where they start.

Difference of live collagens to the usual collagen as a beauty ingredient

The usual collagens do not have the same properties as live collagens with its triple helix structure because they are either heated or have unraveled. Live collagens are characterized as absorbing plenty of moisture because their surface area is larger than the usual collagens, resulting in exceptional moisturizing properties.



Collagen levels drop significantly from our late 30s Collagen is the key to youthful skin

Our collagen levels decrease with age. Especially in our late 30s, these levels fall significantly and signs of aging including a lack of firmness, resilience and moisture become evident. In order to keep skin looking youthful at any age, it is important to replenish and maintain collagens.