Dot free

The cosmetic which contains Live collagen called Dot free

Beauty professionals are excited about the clarity of skin Dot free provides!

Beauty Writer/Yukiko Kitahara

Moisturizing and skin whitening are the shortcut to strong beautiful skin!

Virtually everyone wants skin that is smooth, clear, and very strong. Moisturizing and skin whitening are the shortcut to the clear, glowing skin that people long for. Get a lead by your daily skin care.

Makeup Artist/Miyuki Onoda

You can’t hide dull skin under makeup!

While makeup can be used to hide pores and acne, not even professional makeup artists can easily give dull skin a clear glow. In addition to UV care, it is important to thoroughly moisturize the skin.

Beauty Writer/Editor/Reona Otsu

People are willing to risk everything for skin with a clear glow!

“Skin with a clear glow” is a unique term. In order to obtain skin with an extraordinarily clear glow to it, people will go to almost any lengths to make their dream come true.

Makeup Artist/Masashi Saito

Whether you wear makeup or not, skin transparency is paramount!

Whether or not a woman’s skin looks beautiful all comes down to how clearly it glows. In addition to skin care, base makeup is also of the highest importance. This is what leads to the fantastic-looking skin that all women desire.