Dot free

The cosmetic which contains Live collagen called Dot free

Product lineup

With absorption-type live collagen.New! Rich premium type with Aloe

A more youthful and fresh look with the power of Aloe Vera!
Since ancient times, Aloe Vera has been used for beautiful skin. We added a generous amount of hyaluronic acid with the proven quality of maintaining moisture. Together, they promise you fresh and smooth skin.

Live, condensed collagen for moist, resilient, and firm skin!
The condensed collagen enhances the moisturizing power of the live collagen. It gives you moist, resilient, and firm skin right after application.

Five advantages in one bottle!  This is all you need after a face wash.
All-in-One skin care. The functions of lotion, emulsion, beauty essence, cream, and make-up foundation are all in one bottle. You’ll love saving extra time in the morning.

Other lineup

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