Dot free

The cosmetic which contains Live collagen called Dot free

Product lineup

Absorbs all the keratin plug and skin-dulling residual melanin! AHA Skin Peel with ghassoul
  • ドットフリー 毛穴すべすべ泥洗顔
  • ドットフリー 毛穴つるつる泥パック

Cleanses the pores thoroughly with three kinds of clay and charcoal!
Powerfully absorbs tough and hard-to-remove impurities, and leaves your pores fresh and clean deep down. Your skin will recover its translucent shine.

The AHA fruit acid takes care of cuticles for a wonderfully smooth skin!
Leftover cuticles in your skin will be gently peeled off by the AHA fruit acid. Your skin will be reborn with the smoothness of a baby’s skin.

With absorption-type live collagen, it has a superb moisturizing power!
Our live collagen has a triple helix structure identical to the collagen in human skin. Therefore, it has an exceptional moisturizing power that is far superior to regular collagen to moisturize your skin all the way!