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Dilutes melanin and prevents its production and build up!Triple whitening formula for beautiful skin

POINT1 For transparent, white skin What is the triple whitening formula?

Our triple whitening formula is a 3-way approach to dealing with melanin, a substance in skin that causes blemishes and freckles. It prevents new melanin forming while lightening blemishes and freckles. It also prevents melanin build-up by normalizing skin turnover, for transparent, white skin from deep down.

POINT2 Skin Whitening*2 + Moisturizing Live collagen power provides superb moisture care by thoroughly moisturizing the stratum corneum

Retaining a triple helix structure identical to that of collagens in skin tissue, live collagens thoroughly moisturize the stratum corneum, demonstrating their exceptional moisturizing properties. This provides superb moisture like never before.
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UV Rays and the Melanin Production Mechanism

When the skin is exposed to UV rays, the body produces a pigment called melanin to protect skin cells. While melanin is a normally produced substance, if the skin turnover cycle is disrupted, it will accumulate and pigment the skin. This leads to blemishes and freckles. Our White line products control melanin production to prevent blemishes and freckles.

Beauty ingredients people are familiar with 94% of respondents identify Vitamin C as a beauty ingredient.The second most widely recognized is Arbutin


Our triple whitening formula is a fine balance of three selected beauty ingredients. Melanin is a substance in the skin responsible for blemishes and freckles. This three-way approach dilutes melanin and prevents its production and build up

Beauty ingredients in White line products

  • vitamin C derivative*2 Ascorbic acid is absorbed by the skin in a short amount of time, and fades various forms of pigmentation, including blemishes, freckles and acne scars.
  • saxifrage Saxifrage normalizes skin turnover to prevent melanin build up. It repairs DNA damaged by UV rays, and supports skin transparency at the cellular level
  • Arbutin Arbutin is an active ingredient recognized as a beauty ingredient by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. It controls tyrosinase activity, key to melanin synthesis, to eliminate the cause of blemishes and freckles.

What kind of skin do people want?

“Beautiful skin” can be said to be “skin with a clear glow.” While often referred to in magazines and online, what does it actually mean? A questionnaire brought us closer to the actual meaning of “skin with a clear glow.”

Deeply moisturized, white, beautiful skin!

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